Anti stuttering device StutterStop. Stop stutter today Stuttering Treatment Speech device will assist you in all situations: StutterStop: your solution to eliminate stutter!
Change Your Speech with anti-stuttering Device STUTTERSTOP
STUTTER Stop: Anti-stuterring device to change your speech. Run by ex-stutterers.
WIN over your stutter!
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When you want the most effective & the best-priced affordable speech device.
Anti-stuttering device StutterStop.


ATTENTION to speech-therapists, international distributors and speech-related companies !!!
We are open for cooperation wtih individuals & organizations interested in our anti-stuttering device StutterStop.
Как избавиться от заикания

Stop Stutter Today! Assistive Device for people who stutter!
StutterStop - the device to CHANGE your life!
Heal stutter with anti-stuttering device StutterStop!

Can't take stuttering anymore?
Stuttering frustrates you?
Stuttering prevents you from finding friends, good job, making a phone call?
Stuttering creates a barrier in your daily life?

Don't allow a speech impediment to have a major negative impact on your career,
personal life and lifestyle in general !!!
Eliminate stutter today with our Anti-Stutter Assistive Device
Stutter No More! You deserve a better life!

We ourselves, faced the same problem - how to overcome stuttering. That's why we invented & developed the device which really helps - immediately from initial use.
Stuttering cure for stuttering adults and children.


Stuttering treatment - an effective speech device: StutterStop is an assistive anti-stuttering DEVICE that looks like a trendy mp3-player already helped many people who stutter - it helped them to speak fluently from the first time they used it.

Stuttering treatment: anti-stammering device StutterStop directly from the inventor

StutterStop - device for people who stutter. Device StutterStop invented and run by recovered pws. Achieve immediate improvements of your fluency today.
A comprehensive stuttering gadget for adults & teenagers.

...In search for solution that really could help with speech fluency for stuttering we came to the realization that most of the methods don't work for all... Obviously, all of us in search for a cure-all-pill... (Don't you agree that all of us earn for the proverbial 'cure-now' pill)...

Although miracles usually do happen only in fairytales, still...... benefits of the latest technology are amazing... The gadget StutterStop starts to work immediately from initial use, greatly increasing fluency of one's speech... And after some time confidence of our speech will reach that desirable level when we won't need the gadget anymore. Skill of speech comes with practice. Take a firm decision and start to use the device StutterStop on a daily basis. Remember, we are responsible for our life and our skills... ......Just a bit of practice& persistency. For the best reward - clear fluent beautiful speech.

You definetely will love it - it would not only help you to start a new life - with fluent clear speech - but also will make your speech more expressive than most around you.


Gadget StutterStop is not like any other Software For Stuttering. You can't take computer with you ........ But StutterStop can be with you everywhere and in any situation you need it!
Stop stuttering with anti-stuttering device StutterStop: significant speech fluency improvement from initial use of StutterStop. Your solution to stop stammering

Antistuttering devie StutterStop will help you in all situations!

When you want the most effective and
the best-priced affordable speech device

Very often fear can dramatically disturb our lifestyle. In reality that in itself is not the "defeat" we are afraid of, but rather the consequences of this defeat. However paradoxical it may sound, we are wasting much time and energy through imagining minor details regarding what could happen if we are at a loss instead of enjoying such time and increasing our quality of life.

For this reason, among others,  very often decision-making becomes nothing else but psychological trauma. The fear not only prevents us from thinking sensibly, but also forces us to make mistakes. Fear – a very destructive factor, that is incapacitates us, prevents realisation of any plans and goals and, moreover, leads to depression. This fear prevents us from thinking clearly and objectively assessing situations accurately.

When it becomes necessary to make important decisions, especially the life-style life-quality ones for the ensuing years, there are high probabilities that one can try everything just to avoid making the appropriate decisions. Prior to speech correcting,  truthfully answer the following questions: what could happen if I do not make an effort to correct my speech?  What could happen or could have been prevented from happening if  I had done so in the past and by now achieved good results?

Try to remember (without self-deception!) such as the following: I planned to but did not exert enough effort. or: Everyone love me as I am now and I don't see the necessity to change, nor do I care.....

If you are afraid of the consequences of a mistake in your choice of decision, then most likely you will delay decision-making indefinitely and, in the end, you will achieve nothing at all. Make a firm decision to start to work on your speech, and at the same time, to develop a beautiful intonation.. I will try to assist you in your efforts, with my device "StutterStop". Initially it was called "Golden Voice" in Russian. Then considering that for anyone who suffers from a speech disorder, the most essential is to STOP the stutter, the primary dedication of my device, I decided to name it "StutterStop". Besides, ''StutterStop" is easier to remember.

Success is the result of continuous effort. The device displays immediate results with just "remembering'' to use ''StutterStop'' on a daily basis (in future you won't need it anymore - your beautiful confident new speech ... Success won't make you wait.

Our Russian company of manufacturers, "StutterStop" sends our greetings to all of those who already use our product and also to those who are considering  purchasing ''StutterStop''. And please accept our sincere best wishes for SPRING SEASON. With the beginning of spring, let all your dreams come true. The snowflake (picture below) is made of received mail from all over the world as portrayed in a famous Russian song:  "... From Moscow, up to the furthest suburbs, to the mountain rivers, up to northern seas........ "

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We have international representatives. For more info please contact us.


BENEFITS of Anti-Suttering device "StutterStop":

  • Handy Stuttering treatment: this miniature device one can carry anytime, anywhere. Thus, it is of a great assistance in any situation.
  • Support online from the inventor and recovered pws.
  • Individual advice. Free subscription.
  • Opportunity for international distributors.
  • Low cost and immediate results
  • Affordable to anyone. We ourselves know how frustrating it is to stutter so we decided to keep our price as low as possible. Good deeds are rewarding, indeed.
  • Works for everyone: till now we didn't receive a single negative report
  • No need to travel for a speech therapy course or to spend hours daily in practicing by the computer. This device is with you – you practice when you speak – in real-time.

Stutter can be very frustrating? Unfortunately, yes. And we experienced this ourselves and also suffered from this speech disorder. That's why we created this website - so that anyone can get help.
Get rid of stutter today with our fluency device StutterStop.
If only the similar devices were available years ago...

How to heal or at least greatly ease Stuttering: help online. Free Advice for people who stutter. No more frustrations - get more and more confident day by day!

One of the main aims of stuttering treatment with our Device StutterStop is to re-learn how to speak and to eliminate the incorrect ways of talking.

StutterStop helps in daily life: for example when one has to explain something...
One who tried even once to speak with anti stuttering speech device StutterStop
won't trade this 'speech-assistant' for anything!


Anti-Stuttering device meant for ALL who stammer, for all who stutter: Free consultation online on stuttering problems. StutterStop WILL reduce your stuttering/stammering dramatically and, what is very important, in a very short period of time.


  • A comprehensive anti-stuttering device - purchase directly from the inventor.
  • Anti-stuttering device that plays person's voice back after a tiny delay. Support online.
  • Gadget to stop stuttering: StutterStop for adults, teenagers and children
  • Answers to all your questions on Stuttering, Speech Defects, speech pathology
    and other Communication Disorders.
  • Stuttering cure in your pocket.
  • Resources on stammering: how to solve speech problems, how to improve speech imperfection: anti-stammering gadget purchase online.
  • Anti-Stuttering Device - Speech Fluency Enhancing device and support online for people who stutter.
  • StutterStop invented, developed and run by recovered stutterers (pws).

StutterStop Device (anti-stuttering device, anti-stammering device) directly from the inventor & developer A.Hakimov. We cut out the middle man and sell direct to the public. We are looking for cooperation with organizations interested in our products. Heal yourself from stuttering! Stutter No More - We Have the Solution for You!



The device StutterStop will help you to achieve you stuttering freedom and
to develop beautiful impressive speech. Stuttering solution for people who stutter
Speech device for stuttering children and stuttering adults: device for everybody with speech problems:
your support online including stuttering resources, testimonials, latest technologies on stuttering and recent innovations for those who stutter, advices of speech therapists on speech problems, comprehensive researches and workshops on stutter in Russia and worldwide.
Stop stuttering today! Win over your stutter (win over stammer)!

Overcome your stutter with Stutter Stop!