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When you want the most effective & the best-priced affordable speech device

Communication skills. Anti-Stuttering gadget for people with speech disorder.
Stuttering cure: heal stutter while you talk!

Anti-stuttering miniature gadget -
looks trendy, works miracously.
Stuttering cure - for adults and teens.

Anti stuttering miniature device - look trendy, works miracously. Stuttering cure - the solution for people who stutter

Application of the device "StutterStop"
(assistive speech device for people who stammer)

The anti stuttering device "StutterStop" is aimed towards the speech-correction of children and adults with speech disorder known as stammer or stutter, as well as for development of effecting eloquent speech. Stuttering is one of the most widespread speech defects. Usually it starts in early childhood and if not treated, it can last for many years. Stutter appears as a result of infringement of rhythm and smoothness of speech on account of various sorts of interruption, pro-longing or recurrences of separate sounds and syllables.

Such delays and recurrences of pronouncing words arise because of spasms of muscles of the speech x-factor, are accompanied by irregular breathing, in volume and force of a sound and tempo of speech. Besides all above-mentioned, the adaptive change of a body pose, articulation of mimicry, are also noticed in people who stutter.

Another function of the device is development of skill of impressive, articulate, eloquent smooth scenic speech. It is a widely known fact that speech is almost always intended to other person, the interlocutor. It means that one has to speak in such a way, that it would be very clear and, at the same time, also interesting to your listener.

Attentively observing oneself and your listener, one can discover the most expressive and effective methods that will make the dialogue easier and more perceptive.

Communication skill is a first step to professional and personal growth. Perhaps earlier during conversations you felt uneasy and didn't listen to your interlocutor/partner properly, instead, all your attention has been diverted on possible halts in your speech. It held down and disseminated your thoughts and as a result, speech became hasty and not clear. Thus, now try to answer for obvious question: what we have to pay attention to? What we have to do? To listen! Attentively! One can endlessly study skills of communication which include speaking and writing, but, regretfully, so often the main secret is being avoided (forgotten) - skill to listen.

While listening try to contemplate what exactly your partner would like to learn from you and only then think how you could explain it in the best way.

If you describe your impressions then DO YOUR BEST TO formulate the ideas as clear as possible. Gather, recollect all that you know on the discussed subject, then talk slowly, with dignity express your thoughts and ideas. Think over each statement, select exact words, don't rush. To achieve excellent speech one has to work on it . For to be able to speak beautifully and expressively, to become the virtuoso, one has to practises on a constant basis as it is skill, and as any other skill one has to put some efforts in it.

In fact, many people would never recognize their own voice when they hear it on a voice recorder. One of the main feature of anti-stuttering device is delayed auditory feedback. With the device "StutterStop" own speech can be observed, as reflection in a mirror. One can change in 'real time mode' intonation, dynamics, tember and expression of one's voice. The anti-stuttering device StutterStop gives freedom to control one's speech, to rectify, to modify and to beautify it. You will fall in love with your own voice!

"WHERE ONE CAN USE anti-stuttering device STUTTERSTOP"

Anti stammering device StutterStop

Don't let telephone conversation frighten you anymore
- with anti-stammering speech device "StutterStop"
you will speak smooth and confident.


Anti-stuttering speech device
Anti-stammering speech device StutterStop is
user-friendly and looks very trendy.


StutterStop helps in daily life: for example when one has to explain something...


StutterStop - great help while shopping.
StutterStop helps to be confident in every situation.


StutterStop is an excellent assistant in chat with friends.

One won't trade this 'speech-assistant' for anything!

Speech confidence,
achived with StutterStop - your step to speech Speech Freedom

StutterStop - everywhere and everytime.
Speech treatment at your convenience!

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Anti-stammering miniature device "StutterStop" for people who stutter - directly from the inventor. Attention to international distributors, speech-therapists and speech-related companies: we are looking for cooperation wtih organizations interested in our product. Stuttering treatment with StutterStop! Communication skills!