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Stuttering tips: advice & secrets from stutterers and ex-stutterers on HOW TO REDUCE STUTTERING.

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Stuttering cure : stuttering tips, recommendations, advices from ex-stutterers.
Tips for people who stammer ! Secrets how to reduce stuttering!

Free tips how to reduce stuttering

1. Sing the words! Try to speak in a singing way.

2. Visualise! Try to visualise the letters of the word you are going to say.

3. Speak on 'breathing out'! Before saying a very difficult word take a deep breath.

4. Speak slowly!

5. 'Letter' by 'letter'. The beginning of the words 'the words you feel you are going to get stuck with' try to say 'letter by letter' i.e. instead of saying the complete word "thanks" say 'th' 'a' 'nks'.

6. Try to chew something while speaking (or keep something in your mouth).

7. Whisper or Speak very LOUD. Usually while whispering stutter is not so noticable. When shouting on "breathing out" stutter disappears.


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Stuttering tips from websites dedicated to stuttering resources:
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Translations for: Stammer

Dansk (Danish)
v. intr. - stamme
v. tr. - stamme, fremstamme
n. - stammer, der stammer

Nederlands (Dutch)
stamelen, stotteren, gestamel

Français (French)
v. intr. - bégayer
v. tr. - bégayer
n. - bégaiement

Deutsch (German)
n. - Stammeln
v. - stottern

Italiano (Italian)

Português (Portuguese)
n. - gagueira (f)
v. - gaguejar

заикание (Russian)
заикаться, запинаться, заика

Español (Spanish)
v. intr. - tartamudear, balbucear, balbucir
v. tr. - hablar con tartamudeo o balbuceo
n. - tartamudeo, balbuceo, balbucencia

Svenska (Swedish)
n. - stamning, stammande
v. - stamma