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Stuttering Issues:
Questions and Answers
on anti-stuttering assistive device StutterStop.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
on anti-stammering device "StutterStop" &
its healing effect.


Questions on stutter and anti-stuttering device StutterStop Stuttering Issues:
Will one develop inevitable dependence on this device?

The anti-stuttering speech device “StutterStop” is an auxiliary device. The basic purpose of any logopedic work is to rectify deficient speech. The challenge is, by means of pedagogical, logopedic methods to develop skills of correct speech and, on the other hand, harmoniously evolve a person with high-esteem. Particularly, in order to achieve the skill of fluent speech it is necessary to acquire the following: slow rate of speech, sufficient expressiveness, correct breathing, a support on vowel sounds. While the above-mentioned would have been achieved, the necessity for the device disappears. Thus, the answer is 'NO'.


Questions on stutter and anti-stuttering device StutterStop Stuttering Issues:
On what principle is the healing effect of this speech device based?

For the development of fluent speech, one has, first of all, to get used to a slow rate while talking. Usually those who are affected with a stuttering problem, don't speak slowly. As speech for them is an unpleasant burden, they try imperceptibly to by-pass the barrier by speaking as fast as possible. Fast rate provokes speech discordance and occurrence of speech spasms. Slow tempo of speech develops simultaneously with slow rate of the general body movements. The quiet, counterbalanced behaviour in daily activities helps to develop a relevant tempo of speech and skill to cope with anxiety and to eradicate hypersensitivity. The speech device «StutterStop» assists to acquire a slow tempo of speech.


Questions on stutter and anti-stuttering device StutterStop Stuttering Issues:
Would expressiveness suffer from such slowed down tempo of speech?

When one is in command of normal speech, he takes pleasure in speaking, by transferring the feelings he involuntarily uses rich intonation and gestures. Stutter deprives one of such opportunity. Absence of stimulus and desire to speak, fear of speech dialogue quite often leads to that speech becoming dim, languid, silent, inexpressive. Therefore during logopedic work the anti-stuttering speech device «StutterStop» developes in a stammering person the skill to speak loudly, expressively and confidently. In addition, accents and gestures are increased. Each practice of ‘new speech' would bring a feeling of satisfaction.


Questions on stutter and anti-stuttering device StutterStop Stuttering Issues:
Is the self-estimation of “yes, I can speak the way I want to!” really so important ?

Yes, you have answered the question yourself correctly. The answer is in this questions already. Constant fixing on achieved successes not only stimulate, but also gradually promote confidence in oneself and in a positive outcome. Thus, there is a gradual reorganization of the approach not only to one's problem (speech defect), but also to reception by those around you.


Questions on stutter and anti-stuttering device StutterStop Stuttering Issues:
Won't the headphones in ears during the conversation be considered as a sign of disrespect towards others?

In our modern time widely used mp-3 players, i-pods, Bluetooth, headphones etc. are already considered to be a norm and even in fashion! Moreover, even approached egoistically, a person would consider correct speech to be more important than someone's opinion regarding “what is in your ears”.


Questions on stutter and anti-stuttering device StutterStop Stuttering Issues:
Is the device “StutterStop” harmful to one's health due to radiations etc.?

No, the anti-stuttering device “StutterStop” is not harmful at all. There is no radio transmission from it, as in mobile phones etc.. Therefore, the speech device "StuttterStop" is as harmless as a small pocket lamp.


Questions on stutter and anti-stuttering device StutterStop Stuttering Issues:
What is the guarantee of the device StutterStop?

The anti-stuttering device StutterStop is guaranteed for 1 year.


Stop stammering with our device StutterStop


Anti-stammering device "StutterStop" -
the device to CHANGE your speech,
the device to CHANGE your life!

Speech device: Stuttering treatment: anti-stammering device StutterStop directly from the inventor

The device StutterStop has been proven as very effective & useful device
for speech disorders (stuttering, etc.)


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Resources on stammering. How to solve speech problems, how to improve speech imprerfection: anti-stammering gadget purchase online. Anti-Stuttering Device - Speech Fluency Enhancing device and support online for people who stutter. StutterStop invented, developed and run by recovered stutterers (pws).

The stammering treatment of "StutterStop". Anti-stammering device StutterStop helps to:
1) unlearn the incorrect way of speaking
2) re-learn how to speak in a correct way (while concentrating on pronouncation).

StutterStop Device (anti-stammering device) directly from the inventor & developer Aziz Hakimov. We cut out the middle man and sell direct to the public. We are looking for cooperation wtih organizations interested in our product. Heal yourself from stammering! Stammer No More - We Have the Solution for You!


Our Contact Details:
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Questions & answers on anti-stuttering device StutterStop.
The device StutterStop will help you to achieve stuttering freedom.
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Overcome your stammer / stutter with StutterStop!

Stuttering issues: your questions on stuttering problems.